Thursday, September 2, 2010

Yuma CO to Nebraska to Atwood Kansas

We have know enter our seven state,   110 miles in the saddle today!  We are 1.4 miles short of 1,700 miles.   The morning started out with a high wind warning!  Things along the way,  the truck battery went dead,  Janice got sand burr's on her  butt,   you can guess how that happened!  Passed a guy on a horse,  John and I turned  to find out his story, he started in Lexington KY and is riding to Los Angeles, CA  his sister lives in Gauley Bridge!  Bobby and I found a dead rattle snake with 7 rattles and button, we had to bring it to John Francis,  John was not sure that we where hearing the rattle snakes in the canyons.  I was informed by a local in Atwood  that we are in the foothill of Kansas  not the flatlands.  Good day in the saddle.

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