Friday, September 17, 2010

Riding the mountains of Virginia! Day 33 in the saddle, 105 miles

I would never have thought that Virginia would have taken us the longest to get through!  It has been a hard state to peddle! We have been traveling on Rt.  58  since Missouri ,  I think some the truckers recognize us from state to state.  Still climbing today,  we climbed up to Lover's Leap and had a scarey 6 mile down hill with 9 percent grades!  Strong winds!  We peddled through Hillsville, Danville, and saw signs for Roanoke VA,  it was stange knowing we were that close to home and still peddling away from home!  We ran into our first NO BICYLCING SIGNS on RT. 58  Welcome to the Communist State of Virginia,  I mean the Common Wealth State of Virginia,  not sure what they thought we could do,  we told John Francis to speak South Africa if we got stopped.  No dog bites today or bike troubles.  Do you know the difference between a Kentucky country dog and a Virginia country dog,  the Kentucky dogs are tied and Virginia dogs are loose.  Bugzy and Becky (Patty's husband and sister) joined us yesterday. The journey is coming to a end two more days of cycling!

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