Friday, September 3, 2010

Atwood Kansas to Smith Center Kansas 111 miles

This one is for you Elrod!  111 miles,  6 hours 43 minutes , average speed, 16.4 and Kansas is not flat!!!!!!!!!!!    No wind today, great day,  temperature was 76.  We are riding on 36 East till we get across Missouri!  Lots of farms and small towns.  Alyson saw her highest speed yesterday of 42 mph,  I saw my second highest speed on 45 mph,  I hit 47mph on the Scenic Highway.  Kansas is not what I thought it would be,  I imagine flat, flat, flat with corn, corn, corn!  Lots of cattle and fields of sunflowers growing.   Guess what is growing in the picture!  People along the way very nice.  We are at the Buck Shot Motel and Lodge,  the owner let us pull the RV right up,  we finally found postcards at the Buck Shot,  no Welcome to Kansas sign as we enter yesterday, still looking.   I hope everyone at home has a wonderful Labor Day Weekend,  to us it's just another day on the bike.

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