Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's about the people we meet.

This morn in Yuma, Allyson lending a hand to an older gentleman,Lauren. She was picking up his cereal bowl at the RV/Motel Center. I sat down with the elderly man and asked him where he was from. This lovely 96 year old man gave a beautiful synosis of his life, beginning in St. Francis, Kanas. He told us of the loss of the family farm during the Dust Bowl era and Depression; the family's move to Ft, Collins, CO; his work for a harvest machinery company. He said he had planned to go to the war for his country (WWII) but they needed him to inspect machinery built for the war. He didn't want to think he hadn't done his job for his country. He said he had a good life, lost a son, and he and his wife had a condo in Hawaii, but he didn't know that he would ever get back there. Now, he must take care of business with some farmland back in St Francis. Allyson and I were amazed at the story and his clarity. He was fragile, drooled a bit, and smiled. I think he needed to tell us--and most of all, we needed to listen.
This land of ours is built by people with integrity and hard work. How wonderful it is to listen. Our story is small compared to the life of folks like Lauren.

Tonite in Atwood at Pizza Hut--a break for Paul- we were greeted by the manager of Pizza Hut. A big picture of a bull rider hung on the wall. We inquired. She proudly told us this picture was her 14 year old son riding in a Championship bull riding contest- taking 2nd place. He is playing football now and can't compete until after football season. How proud she was and now she  worried because he was in heavy bull riding competetion. Yes, a workin mom with the same thoughts and concerns for her teenager as he pursues his dreams. Gee, that's close to home. We pursue our dreams each day and you keep praying and are proud. Thanks.

Just wanted to let you know that it isn't about scenery every minute. Our journey includes the people we meet that will impact us for years to come.
Thanks for tuning in.

Alinda, following the dream


  1. Lynn,
    Thanks for writing. Good to hear from you. Anna, from Germany, will accompany me today to go to the great state of WV. I'm wearing a FreeSpirit Adventure T-shirt in honor of you and Bobby. I will miss seeing you there.

    Let the glory of God be known in all states. Thanks for sharing the love!


  2. Guess you're trading hills (mountains) for wind! I'm sucking hard air trying to get the prevailing winds to be from the west and blow you home! Keep up the good spirits and pedaling! You guys are awesomely excellent!