Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Still in Virginia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The mountains of Virginia are kicking our butts!!   Beautiful riding put hard,  all day today we have been climbing.  First climb has Mount Rogers, the highest mountain in Virginia.   Second climb of the day is the second highest mountain of White Top Mountain!  Elrod our average speed today was 12.2,   slowest yet.  Yes the mountains go on and on and on!   Janice got  dog bit today!  Allyson back wheel broke down, we had a extra bike wheel.  So she wasn't down for long.  Finished in Galax VA!  Allyson mom and dad (Louise and Paul) came over and spent the evening with us.  Allsyon had fun showing them how we have been living the last 31 days.  They are so proud of her!   Tomorrow will  put us over 3,000 miles!  Tom Meadows your mileage is going to be pretty close,  we think we have around 315 miles left.  Virginia has been the hardest state to ride in!   We are staying at Carolwood RV Park!  So much better than the night before.

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  1. What kind of horses are those? You are on the home stretch baby!!! Welcome back to Virginia and it won’t be long before you see “West Virginia.” The great state welcomes you all home safely and says, “WOW!!! You did it!!!!” By the way this accomplishment is tremendous and awe-inspiring!!!