Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 22, Back tracted to Kensington to Washington, Kansas

109.26  BUT WHO'S COUNTING!   Very windy today and not behind us!  Last night in Smith Center we learned that Smith Center High School, Redman football have a book written about them,  Our Boys, A Perfect Season, by Joe Drape,  67 straight-victories-state record-nations current longest high school winning streak.  Football game last night and guess what they won, 56 to 6! Kansas is like being on a roller coaster,   up and down! Hotter today in the 80's  but last week it was over 104+   By tomorrow we will have ridden 2000+ miles,  By this evening Patty is ready to tear up her bucket list when she gets home,  Tom's one liners on the road keep us laughing,  today was " just run me over"   Today we where at the Geographic Center of the conterminous U.S.   The song in my head today was "Taking the Long Way"  by the Dixie Chicks.  Janice, Paul and I are in the tent again after sleeping where ever we could,   the tent feels like the Greenbrier!  We all have raccoon faces from our sunglasses!  Tomorrow is another day!

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