Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 15, Thermopolis to Hiland WY! 75 miles

Our last day of riding and site seeing.  Went to the dinasours museum and digs this morning.  Very  interesting, the digs where discovered in 1993 by a veterinarian (from Germany)  who was their looking at a farmer livestock and discovered a bone.  We started riding from Thermopolis around 1:00 in the afternoon.  We enter into the Wind River Canyon!  And boy is that a fitting name, 15 miles of down hill through the canyon, I have never worked so hard on a down hill before if you did not peddle the wind would have pushed you back up the hill.  Enter into 3 tunnels ( Alyson didn't scream this time) . The Wyoming landscape changed after the canyon we enter into the high grass lands.  We had a huge storm following us all afternoon,  high winds, everyone just put their heads down and rode,  around 5:00 pm we finally got a tail wind  the nearest town from Thermopolis is Casper which is 130 miles, so we where prepared to sleep along side the road,  the group had decided we would stop riding at 7:30 pm
By the grace of God and (I think Alinda's grandad) at 7:15 pm we enter into Hiland WY, population 10 and there was a store on the right,  Bobby pulled in and the owner Kenny invited us to stay there, so we parked the RV and guess what  Kenny had motel rooms  rented two rooms from Kenny  and its gets better,  Kenny also had a bar in the store.   The most incredible storm came up with a double rainbow!  I have never seen a rainbow like that!

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  1. I know I would not like the tunnels! Scream for me Alyson!!!!!!!!!!!!!