Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cody to Thermopolis, 88 miles

First big wind!  5870 elevation, rode through the Owl Creek Mountains.  Our new word on  the bike is rumble strip, instead of car up or car back, its RUMBLE STRIP ahead.  Tom Steele thoughts for the day was I almost go blown side ways.  Finished the evening at the Hot Springs at Thermopolis, over 3.4 millions gallons per day and the temperature is 128 degree's.

Afternoon in Cody Wy!

Hottest day in Cody this summer,  94 degree's!  We were glad to be off the bikes this afternoon, Went to the Buffalo Bill museum,  great display of  America Indians on display.  We all had fun shopping for cowboys boots at Wayne's.  Family owned since, 1959!  Had drinks at Irma's Famous Hotel of Buffalo Bills.  Cody is cool place to visit.

Wayfair to Cody! 48 miles

Started this morning with the red rock mountains of Wyoming!  Rode through the Shoshone National Forest, the Shoshone rive was on our right.  All down hill to Cody, rode through Buffalo Bill State Park and lake had our first tunnels to go through,  I could hear Alyson's screaming all the way through.  Saw a couple of moose's! Still on Rt 20

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Not there yet

Yes we did get to almost 9000 feet,  8870 was the highest we saw.  Sylvia Peak is 9125

Friday, August 27, 2010

Friends along the way!

Paul and Betty from Canada,  headed to New Mexico,  riding fully loaded mountain bikes and traveling off road, we shared some fruit with them.   Oliver from Germany started in  Seattle Oregan and headed to PA.   Invite us to come to Germany and ride!  WOW WOW

First blood shed on the trip!

Bike was falling  over and the crank got my leg,  lets hope that's as bad as it gets.

Leaving Yellowstone

We exit Yellowstone through the East Gate.

Chores around the RV

Afternoon in Cody

Rolled into Cody around noon,  hottest day this summer, 94 degree's.  We where glad to be off the bike. Went to Buffalo  Bill Museum, wonderful America Indian exhibit.  We all had fun shopping for cowboy boots at Wayne's.  Family own since 1959.  Had drinks at Irma's Hotel,  it was built by Buffalo Bill.   Found a battery for my camera so I'm back in business.

Images along the way!

Have fun guessing what they are?

Cody to Thermopolis, Day 14 rode 88 miles

We had a side head wind that was blowing us side ways!  Riding elevation 5870,  We rode through the Owl Mountain Ranges today.  Our new word on the bike is rumble strip,   no more car up or car back its rumble strip ahead!  Even Tom Steele though he was being blown side ways.  We relaxed this evening at the Thermopolis Hot Springs,  World's Largest Mineral Hot Spring,  the average water flow  is 3.4 million gallons of water per day at 128 degree's.

Sad day!

Bill left us the morning,  Greyhound Bus ride to Denver 12 hours,  tomorrow morning a flight to Roaoke VA and then drive back to Lewisburg.  We  will miss his fun humor!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wayfayer Chapel to Cody, Day 13 53 miles

Started this morning with the red rock mountains of Wyoming!  Road through the Shoshone National Forest,  The first national forest in the United States, created by President Benjamin Harrison, March 30, 1891!  Daniel Boothe "  I'm sure you already knew that".   The Shoshone River was off to our right,  Great day for biking easy riding into Cody,   rode through the Buffalo Bill State Park and reservoir,   rode through our first tunnels  through the mountains, the damn was on the other side.  My camera hit the road today and a RV ran over my battery,   hopeful will find one in Cody.   Going shopping in Cody for cowboys boots!

West Yellowstone to East Yellowstone, approx. 89 miles

Morning started out a chilly 38 degree's! We all started off this morning a little anxious about riding through the park, lots of cars and little or no shoulder to ride on.  Some where a little concerned about the wildlife!  Had a gentleman from New York stop as we  where ready to take off, curious about us.  He gave us a blessing before we started.  "May you not get run over by a grizzle or a grey hair old man in a  RV" and with that we where off. Riding through today verse yesterday in a vehcile, the one thing came to mind was the "smells"   The fresh smell of the pines this morning, riding along the geysers area, the strong smell of sulphur, the fresh water smell of Yellowstone lake, and later in the afternoon the acid/smoke from a recent forest fire.  Riding beside the bison was wonderful it was great seeing the large herds.  Bobby  and  Tom was the grizzle bear,  lots of people stop and running to see.  We also saw large herds of elks.  We  climbed  Sylvia Pass this evening  elevation 8630!  (My personal highest climb on a bike)  "What a down Hill"   We all where glad we didn't opt out of riding through the park.  It will be a ride to remember.  We ended the evening at Yellowstone Valley RV Park in Wapiti Wyoming!

Tan Lines!

We are getting some interesting Tan Lines!  Can you guess who they belong to?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mileage for Day 11--- 100+ in a truck with seven people!

First day of the bike,  We loaded in Bobby's truck and went into Yellowstone National Park,  We came into the West Entrance in Montana,  we rode our bikes around 12 miles in Montana,   hit Wyoming about 3 miles into Yellowstone,   beautiful day,  we traveled both loops!  Patty sister Becky saw Patty on the Old Faithful web-cam,  we gave Lila Bartos a call so she could find us,  Yellowstone is her favorite spot.  We ended the day in the Bolling River!  Made it through the last check point in the park we 20 minutes to spare.  If we had not made it,  we would have been spending the night in park.- Tomorrow we ride through Yellowstone, coming out on the East Entrance!