Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tan Lines!

We are getting some interesting Tan Lines!  Can you guess who they belong to?


  1. I can say I am 100% sure that none of these knees are my sisters!!! So, no Liz. She is the one taking the picture, I am guessing!! So, I am going to guess from left to right: Patty, Janice, Alyson, and Alinda

  2. Ok, I was told I was wrong! I still can't believe one of these sets of knees belongs to my sister! She is losing more weight! Here is guess two from left to right: Patty, Janice, Alyson and Liz

  3. OK...the white tan line is very distracting...I can't tell you who is who...but the one on the left has knees that look a little suspicious...still can't be sure. You gals are sooooo funny.