Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 5, Juntura to Fruitland

Almost out of Oregon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Day has been wonderful  we started out with a 6 mile downhill!  The tempertures are cooler,  everyone is feeling better,  we all are riding strong, Scenery changed constenstly.  We crossed two passes and then followed the Malhuer river, one of our stops we jumped in the river.   Riding in canyon we could hear the rattlesnakes,  The road kill has been interesting,  we  decided the rattlesnakes are smarter than the coyotes,  finished today with 97 miles.  Janice and I are loving our space in the tent,   the cots are wonderful.


  1. So glad the heat is getting better for you. I used to live in Mtn Home, Idaho so I know that territory. May God continue to hold you in the palm of His hand the whole way. Love you guys.

  2. Great pictures - keep them coming! Looks like you were in an interesting little town ;)