Thursday, August 26, 2010

West Yellowstone to East Yellowstone, approx. 89 miles

Morning started out a chilly 38 degree's! We all started off this morning a little anxious about riding through the park, lots of cars and little or no shoulder to ride on.  Some where a little concerned about the wildlife!  Had a gentleman from New York stop as we  where ready to take off, curious about us.  He gave us a blessing before we started.  "May you not get run over by a grizzle or a grey hair old man in a  RV" and with that we where off. Riding through today verse yesterday in a vehcile, the one thing came to mind was the "smells"   The fresh smell of the pines this morning, riding along the geysers area, the strong smell of sulphur, the fresh water smell of Yellowstone lake, and later in the afternoon the acid/smoke from a recent forest fire.  Riding beside the bison was wonderful it was great seeing the large herds.  Bobby  and  Tom was the grizzle bear,  lots of people stop and running to see.  We also saw large herds of elks.  We  climbed  Sylvia Pass this evening  elevation 8630!  (My personal highest climb on a bike)  "What a down Hill"   We all where glad we didn't opt out of riding through the park.  It will be a ride to remember.  We ended the evening at Yellowstone Valley RV Park in Wapiti Wyoming!


  1. It's great that you decided to bike thru! Gorgeous pictures of the scenery and wildlife. Glad that no one was eaten by a bear ;)

  2. Is that the highest elevation that you have been? That is soooooooo cool!!!! The pictures are overwhelming and breathtaking!!! I love that you set up this blog!! You should have hooked onto one of those bison!!! Free Ride!!! Sam said to tell you that he rode the bull at the fair!! Jeff had to go to ER in Charleston last night. They found out that he has two disks in his neck that are collapsing around the nerves. He is in a lot of pain and his arm and a few fingers are going numb. School for me is going great. No real problems yet just tired and out of shape!!