Saturday, August 21, 2010

So What's the Reality????

Crotches so sore that we will try anything--Hammer Balm, Budro butt butter, ice pack. LOL. Praying for lidocaine. So hot that we pack our boobs in ice and use one water bottle just to pour on each other as we ride along. 12 bags of ice per day, food stored in the shower, and a constant "did you see my ......." And even with this reality, endorphins so high that we can touch the sky.
What about our concerns,  problems,  issues? We are not without these. Today was my grandfather's funeral on Fenwick Mt, WV. Before leaving I had to say goodbye knowing I would never see Gramps again. Just tore my heart out. Then he passed away on Tuesday. So today on a high desert plain with beautiful mountains in the backgroud and jets from Mt Home Air Force Base flying in unison, we had a  memorial service. Liz, Janice, Patty, Allyson, Bobby, and I gathered. We sang "It is Well With my Soul", "How Great Thou Art", and "I'll fly Away" I read Psalm 23 and Galatians 6:2-10. This described Gramps. Funny the place was perfect for a Western which he loved. I know he is with me and he is in glory. There is more to riding a bicycle than the physical. It is Well With My Soul.
Laughter abounds. Relationships mature. Work never ends. Hot showers are always appreciated. And there are no regrets about being in this place at this time for this moment.
So what's reality? A sore crotch doesn't mean much, it is momentary--we are making memories for a lifetime.
Thanks to all of you for praying, supporting, and thinking of us. Keep it up and please go  pedal your bike.
Love to all.
Alinda Perrine, 2nd time to cross America by bicycle, Free Spirit Adventures


  1. I laughed and shed a tear. You all are truely making memories for a lifetime! THANKS, for taking the time to share your experiences with all of us at home here in Lewisburg.

  2. Thats for the reality because we are wondering how it is!!!!