Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We did it!

3200+ miles, 35 days!  Coast to Coast!

Thank You!

This blog is deciated to my family, and friends!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for the love and support you have given me,  just knowing that you where there in thoughts and prayers got me through the low times.  I promise to  stay put for a week or two.  Love you,  Liz

Saturday, September 18, 2010

We made it! Final Destination Virginia Beach!

1:09 pm,  we rolled into Virginia Beach with a small hill to climb and head winds!   Family and friends where waiting for us on the board walk!  Very emotion monument !  With each peddle stroke today I looked back on the journey we have taken.  I would do it again tomorrow with the same amazing group of friends!

Friday, September 17, 2010

On the Eve of the Grand Finalie

As we prepare for our final day, there is need for reflection. Just wanted to share some of our thoughts on the road.
1. What is the difference in a trip, a vacation, and an adventure?
A trip is planned, you know where you are going, when you will get there, exactly why you are going. GPS units work for these.  This experience is not a trip.
A vacation is for resting, for getting away, downtime. You have time to read a book. This is not a vacation.
An adventure is when you don't know where you may sleep, not sure exactly how far or exactly where you are going, when you will arrive, or exactly where you are. You do know the direction, but you have no idea what you may experience along the way. Now, we have been on an adventure!!!!

2. What is the difference between a Kentucky country dog and a Virginia country dog?
A KY dog is tied up and a VA dog is not tied up. They bite!!!

3. What new inventions would result from this adventure?
Liz has started chilling the butt butter and we are loving it. Yes, we continue to use it in the "intended" places. However, we now also use butt butter for our heels and occassionally as leg lotion.
Liz is also considering a "gel bicycle short that could be cooled".
Alinda and Bobby have decided that too much money is spent in detention centers and jails. They are considering writing a grant to take troubled youth across America by bicycle. The kids  would have plenty of time to think about their situation and appreciate the simple pleasures of life.

4. How are campgrounds and RV parks rated?
Everything is on a scale of 1 to 10. 10 is the best.
If the showers have hot water, and 2 knobs, they are rated higher.
More bugs, lower the rating.
Laundry facilities score big time.
Toilets are a must. Tom Steele insists--even porta potties have a purpose.

5. How's the group holding up? I have decided they are either the Great Eight or the Crazy Eight. Each day we laugh, get on the bikes without whining, and do our best. Truly an incredible group of people with talents and much to share.

Of course, Paul makes us the Fine Nine becuase he is very much a part of the group. Paul fed us and kept our spirits high. He has been at every stop in perfect time. We love him dearly.

On the Eve of the Grand Finalie, each realize this was the ride of a lifetime. We have been blessed with safety, good weather, great health, and pure pleasure.
To all of you who have faithfully followed, we appreciate your support. You have been a big part of the Great Adventure.

Lots of Love,
Alinda---A Free Spirit Adventurer

I can smell the ocean!

115 miles today , 90+ temperatures, and around 63 miles left!  The mountains of Virginia finally flatten out,  some rolley hills earlier today,  lots of traffic to deal with,  some no biking signs,  we just rode on!  Finished the day in Franklin VA,  lots of peanuts fields and cotton!  Everyone is excited about tomorrow and a little sad,  we had our last dinner in the RV!  Paul has been wonderful, we have had wonderful meals and support.  It will feel strange to drive a car again, look at a newspaper, see TV.   I am looking forward to seeing my family!  Everyone on this trip has been amazing and they have become family, it will hard  not be with them after tomorrow!  I know we will have more adventures together down the road!

Janice dog bite bandage!

First class first aide!

Joe Collar Donuts!

I requested donuts from Roanoke when I knew Bugzy and Becky where coming,  we all had a sugar high last night and no one sleep!

Riding the mountains of Virginia! Day 33 in the saddle, 105 miles

I would never have thought that Virginia would have taken us the longest to get through!  It has been a hard state to peddle! We have been traveling on Rt.  58  since Missouri ,  I think some the truckers recognize us from state to state.  Still climbing today,  we climbed up to Lover's Leap and had a scarey 6 mile down hill with 9 percent grades!  Strong winds!  We peddled through Hillsville, Danville, and saw signs for Roanoke VA,  it was stange knowing we were that close to home and still peddling away from home!  We ran into our first NO BICYLCING SIGNS on RT. 58  Welcome to the Communist State of Virginia,  I mean the Common Wealth State of Virginia,  not sure what they thought we could do,  we told John Francis to speak South Africa if we got stopped.  No dog bites today or bike troubles.  Do you know the difference between a Kentucky country dog and a Virginia country dog,  the Kentucky dogs are tied and Virginia dogs are loose.  Bugzy and Becky (Patty's husband and sister) joined us yesterday. The journey is coming to a end two more days of cycling!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Still in Virginia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The mountains of Virginia are kicking our butts!!   Beautiful riding put hard,  all day today we have been climbing.  First climb has Mount Rogers, the highest mountain in Virginia.   Second climb of the day is the second highest mountain of White Top Mountain!  Elrod our average speed today was 12.2,   slowest yet.  Yes the mountains go on and on and on!   Janice got  dog bit today!  Allyson back wheel broke down, we had a extra bike wheel.  So she wasn't down for long.  Finished in Galax VA!  Allyson mom and dad (Louise and Paul) came over and spent the evening with us.  Allsyon had fun showing them how we have been living the last 31 days.  They are so proud of her!   Tomorrow will  put us over 3,000 miles!  Tom Meadows your mileage is going to be pretty close,  we think we have around 315 miles left.  Virginia has been the hardest state to ride in!   We are staying at Carolwood RV Park!  So much better than the night before.

Sept 14, Day 31! Happy Birthday mom!

Today is my mom's birthday!    Call mom early to wish her Happy Birthday!  Started somewhere on Rt. 58 East and we are headed to Abingdon VA this evening.  Hard day riding,  lots of hills in  Virginia.  I have put  around 14,000 miles on Ruby ( my bike is named after my grandmother, because she was a fine lady)  so guess what I have wore down my gears on the back,  Bobby put a new one last night and I am rolling again.  Rolled into the Riverside RV Park 2 miles south of Abingdon,  trust me don't put that one on your list to visit.   The toilet paper was chained to the walls and pad locked,  that was a first,  the showers only had scalding hot water so you had to be half in and half out.  We did get 7 loads of laudreny done again,  4 days of riding with 8 people that is 32 pairs of cycling shorts.   We will climbing over the two highest mountains tomorrow in Virginia.   Something to look forward to HA HA