Thursday, September 2, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions?????

1. Can anyone do this type of trip? Honestly NO! I am an optomist. But reality is reality! This trip is not just physical. It is mental- winds so strong you can barely hold the bike up. Chores that are close quarters, with little privacy. Days when your hands and feet are numb becuase you need to keep pedaling. Nights in a truck stop parking lot when you take a shower with minimal water after 100+ miles, but you get a shower and laugh. Crotch bruised, but you ignore it. So if you are looking for a luxury tour, this is not for you. But if you are looking for a unique way to smell, see, hear, and learn about America and YOU then, you would love it.
2. Why are you doing this? This is the 2nd time I have done this. Why? It is a "walkabout" of sorts. Sometimes I choose to ride alone, just to think. What do I think about? Everything from how America is moving so fast, to how I'm moving too fast. I have time to examine myself, my relationships, my dedication to projects and my spiritual being. Riding a bicycle for miles and miles allows you time to slow down and really think. This second "walkabout" is as important as the first.
3. What chores does the group have? Everyone pitches in and helps each other. It took a week to figure out who did what. Janice and Liz are fast tent pitchers. Alinda is the dish washer, cleaner upper after breakfast and dinner. Patty and Allyson dry  and put away. Allyson takes charge of laundry. Tom is the bicycle organizer. tire pumper, and coffee maker. Bobby is director of "rig" maintainance and John is first assistant. Janice is the morning sandwich maker. John is Mr. Handy and helps everyone.Thanks o Liz for her dedication to the blog. She does a great job taking pictures and trying to post--internest service in not good in most places. Paul has the biggest and hardest job---cooking, preparing each rest stop, drivinng the rig and putting up with all of us. So it is a team effort.
4. What's the food like?  TOTALLY AWESOME. Becuase we are in close quarters, we are often served by Paul. We are like kings and queens. Paul served 2 presidents- Truman and Eisenhower. Yes really. Everything is delicious and the smells of evening dinner is a treat.
5.  What is the biggest difference you see from the first journey in 2001 to the journey in 2010? Technology. Cell phones work in more places. However, we were fortunate in WY that cell phone coverage was not good for a couple days. Yes, we love to call everyone at home, but we have limited time. Plus people in towns are on the cell phone so when you ride by, they aren't really paying attention. We are also using GPS. It works sometimes, and it doesn't work others. So the old map and "ask the local folks" is still the best.
6. Do we miss you? Yes, we think of all of you often. We love to hear from you. And we feel your prayers. We hope we are representing our community well as we ride and meet people. Folks are really friendly. It is a pleasure to feel America's fabric come alive thru quick conversation. We are a wonderful nation with beauty and friendly smiles.

WE are Pedaling!!!
Go ride your bike!
Lots of Love!!!



  1. I have an answer to the question, “What kinds of people do this?” CRAZY PEOPLE!! People who are in better shape than everyone they work with and everyone in their family. People who have incredibly tough butts! People who have made friends with other CRAZY PEOPLE!!!!!!
    In all seriousness, we admire you so much, and we do pray for you daily. Wishing you health, safety and loads of fun! Would love to hear more about Paul serving two Presidents!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this journey with the rest of us. I am in awe of what you are doing. Hugs to each.
    Linda Rodgers