Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lamarie to Wiggins WY

 116 miles today!  The morning started with snow in the high mountains,  cool 45 degree's.  We did 7 loads of laundry last night.  Rode 23 miles to Colorado!  I didn't  realize how much I missed tree's!  It was a wonderful site to see.  So far Colorado is great,  highest elevation 8374 !  Good roads,  wide shoulders to ride on.   Rode into Fort Collins,  Paul's son, wife and great grandson met us along side the road with extra tubes for our tires, and wonderful food.   Paul had been looking forward to seeing his family all day.  Temperature was great and no head winds.  We dropped in elevation  to around 5300, eastern Colorado is all huge corns fields,  huge feed lots,  It makes you think about eating beef.    We ended the day around 8:00 pm and rode into Wiggins.  Guess what we are sleeping behind a Sinclair Gas Station/truck stop.    John Francis had a wonderful gift  his stepdaughter and granddaughter drove up from Denver and ( cycle storm catcher)  caught up with us.   Great day for Paul and John and get to see family and visit.  It's amazing what (a new day brings)

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  1. How grand that their families were able to come and visit! I bet it made the rest of you miss us! If not – shame on you!!! :} Fish from State Fair are still alive. Can you believe it? Miracles do happen!!! Labor week-end will bring a trip to Morgantown. WVU plays on Saturday at 3:30. We are going to go to Charleston then Morgantown and then to Stonewall Jackson. Boys still want you guys to be early or late. Any day but the 18th because of the game! Question: Is it possible to gain weight doing this? Just checking - Ha Ha