Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 30, We are on the Home Stretch!

Started in Whitley Kentucky, to Tenn. to Virginia.  It was great to see the Welcome to Virginia!  Beautiful day in Kentucky, rode on Rt 92  just like riding at home,  lots of ups and downs.  Rode through the Cumberland Gap,  we had to be escorted through the Cumberland Gap tunnel,   just like the tunnels at Wytheville, VA.    We enter into Tenn.  for about 3 miles  and then the home stretch of Virginia.   Rode 100+ miles.  Stay in the Cumberland Gap National Forest, every nice.  Tom found a kitten along the road,  took it to a gas station.   We will be riding the next two days in the mountains of Virginia,  highest points in Virginia. Forget about the bear scare Allyson and I had going to the bathroom in the National Park (it ended up being a lady walking her bulldog in the woods about 10:00 at night, with no light.)

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  1. You two look awful happy with just that ice cream cone! Ha Ha Are the simple things in life becoming precious? After 3100 miles on a bike, I bet they are!!!!