Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Troy Kansas to Pershing State Park Missouri

107.09 miles!  We are just outside Brookfield Missouri.  We are out of Kansas! AMEN!  I was mental prepare for flat , flat, lots of corn,  instead one day we climbed 5,000 feet, each rolly polly we climbed 500 feet, 50 times within 100 miles.  Crossed over the Missouri River into Missouri,  sure do like the Missouri Hills better.  Wind gust this evening.  Riding RT 36 on Labor Day we kept seeing the same State Trooper pulling overing cars.  He finally  pulled in behind Paul and RV  to see what he where up to.  Paul did not meet him at the door with a knife this time.  Nice guy!  Tom's daughter Chris and her family came to the State Park to visit!   We love visit,  Chris brought us wonderful monster cookies and banana bread.  Tom and Karen went to school in Missouri and lived in Missouri for a while.

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