Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sept 14, Day 31! Happy Birthday mom!

Today is my mom's birthday!    Call mom early to wish her Happy Birthday!  Started somewhere on Rt. 58 East and we are headed to Abingdon VA this evening.  Hard day riding,  lots of hills in  Virginia.  I have put  around 14,000 miles on Ruby ( my bike is named after my grandmother, because she was a fine lady)  so guess what I have wore down my gears on the back,  Bobby put a new one last night and I am rolling again.  Rolled into the Riverside RV Park 2 miles south of Abingdon,  trust me don't put that one on your list to visit.   The toilet paper was chained to the walls and pad locked,  that was a first,  the showers only had scalding hot water so you had to be half in and half out.  We did get 7 loads of laudreny done again,  4 days of riding with 8 people that is 32 pairs of cycling shorts.   We will climbing over the two highest mountains tomorrow in Virginia.   Something to look forward to HA HA


  1. Hi Liz, You're getting closer. Can't believe you all have traveled so far. I've so enjoyed the blog. Wonderful info and pictures.
    Looking to seeing you soon.

  2. At mom's we only talked about you!! Ha Ha We are making plans to come and see you!! As always, we asked, "How old are you really?" and we didn't get an answer. We have it narrowed down between three guesses. The good news is we no longer believe 39!