Tuesday, April 29, 2014

just a little rain

Day 2, we are holed up in Holenwald, TN

Day 3, Torando to sunshine

We survived, was holed up at Fall Hallow RV Park all day yesterday weather out the storms,  Bill and Kathy the owners open up their home to us. I became a short order cook,  Bill has a Bed and Biscuits.   Said our good bye to Bill and Kathy and we where off,   every one was smiling from eye to eye,  one day of doing nothing was all we could stand.   Today we rode through Meriwether Lewis  Park saw the site where he died, on down to Colbert Ferry, where we entered into the Fine state of Alabama, saw Bear Creek Indian Mound where we entered in Mississippi,  shortly after that, the rain , lightning , and thurnder, made us finish for day, 88.4 miles  Rolled into Tishomingo State Park!  Where do we sleep,  RV, Tent, Truck!  Looking forward to what tomorrow brings,   we are 58 miles Tupelo where they are still under a State of Emeregy

Monday, April 28, 2014

We where headed Topela MS, Thank Godness we didn't start out!

Day 2,  we decided to stay put today,  thank goodness,  lots of rain,  we are dry and safe,  The couple who owns the RV Park have opened their home to us!   Fixing us dinner tonight,  we hope to get back on track today,  we did it a 2 mile walk in between rain storms.

Day 2, holed up in Holenwalde TN,

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Day 1 , April 27, 2014  after running the Rock and Roll Marathon in Nashville, I said good bye to Julie my baby sister , who headed back to Duluth MN  she only traveled 14 hours to see green grass.  The RV was in Jellystone RV Park on Music Drive,  caught a taxi  pretty sure he had never delivered any one to a RV before,  we headed out  to have breakfast at Loveless Cafe,  got on the bikes around 11:45  had a great 24 miles and then the rain set in,   finished the rest of the ride in rain,  but this time it was warm,   around mile marker 392 we spotted a RV park off the parkway,  guess what,  they also had beds and biscuits!  Whoo Hoo,  the pictures will tell the rest,  very stormy tonight !

Day 1 Frankin TN to Columbia TN 53 miles