Sunday, April 27, 2014

Day 1 , April 27, 2014  after running the Rock and Roll Marathon in Nashville, I said good bye to Julie my baby sister , who headed back to Duluth MN  she only traveled 14 hours to see green grass.  The RV was in Jellystone RV Park on Music Drive,  caught a taxi  pretty sure he had never delivered any one to a RV before,  we headed out  to have breakfast at Loveless Cafe,  got on the bikes around 11:45  had a great 24 miles and then the rain set in,   finished the rest of the ride in rain,  but this time it was warm,   around mile marker 392 we spotted a RV park off the parkway,  guess what,  they also had beds and biscuits!  Whoo Hoo,  the pictures will tell the rest,  very stormy tonight !

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