Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 25, and we are still riding! Pershing to Hannibal MO

Here's another one for you Elrod!  103.54  ride time 5.46 average speed 17.4,  we finally got a tail wind today.  Took over a closed road for about 10 miles.  Interesting people who we road through their birthplace.  General John Pershing,  It's a small world " Walt Disney"  we took a roadside pee under his birthplace sign.  And Hannibal is the birthplace of Mark Twain !  Rolled into Indian Joe Camp Ground,  3 diamond in the RV world,  pool,  ect.  Tom was able to spend the morning with his father and brother in law.  It was nice meeting them.  I think they just wanted to see Tom Steele in spandex shorts.   We are headed to St. Louis tomorrow.  Good bye MO.

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  1. This guy has family all along the route!! Did he pick the route?