Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mileage for Day 11--- 100+ in a truck with seven people!

First day of the bike,  We loaded in Bobby's truck and went into Yellowstone National Park,  We came into the West Entrance in Montana,  we rode our bikes around 12 miles in Montana,   hit Wyoming about 3 miles into Yellowstone,   beautiful day,  we traveled both loops!  Patty sister Becky saw Patty on the Old Faithful web-cam,  we gave Lila Bartos a call so she could find us,  Yellowstone is her favorite spot.  We ended the day in the Bolling River!  Made it through the last check point in the park we 20 minutes to spare.  If we had not made it,  we would have been spending the night in park.- Tomorrow we ride through Yellowstone, coming out on the East Entrance!

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  1. That water looks so refreshing!!! Is it going to be harder or easier to get back on the bike tomorrow? I bet it was nice to ride in the truck even if it was full with seven people! Did you see “Old Faithful”? Are the geysers amazing because they sure look amazing!! I paid our taxes today!! What time does the park close? Happy riding tomorrow - hope the water helped the soreness!!